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the 49ers favored by four points. here is a tip, don't bet the game. don't do it. if you absolutely have to bet it, if you're emotionally involved and don't bid more than 20 bucks. nobody can predict this one. both teams are evenly matched. the factor tip of the day. no one knows. no edge. and that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from and talking points memo, post it there. and spout out about the factor, from anywhere in the world, lots to it talk about tonight., and anytime if you wish to opine, and an uppity word today. don't be verecund. and anywhere in the world, i
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got a letter from the south pole, from nepal, from iceland, and again, thanks for watching tonight. i'll bill o'reilly, remember the spin stops right here because
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>> i feel like i should pinch myself right now. i can't believe i have this vantage point. >> so you're what? about 15 or 20 feet from the sflez. >> probably a good, i would say 50 feet from the president right now. very, very close. >> sean: history repeats, someone pinch me.
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>> told an audience he believes same-sex marriage between a man and woman, now, he's not in favor of gay marriage. but here it is, 2012. the political winds have shifted and obama now decides it's safe to come fought for gay marriage now arguing the journey to realize the promise of the declaration of independence must end in same-sex marriage. now, look. people are entitled to change their position on issues but what obama never answered is why he believes his religion allows for something he said his faith opposed and now, he believes marriage is a civil right. in the past he flatly declared waits not. did anyone in the main stream media point that out? not a single person. these last four years and events have provided countless examples of the media shirking their response skbriblt not doing their due diligence whit
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comes to veting obama. maybe it's fatigue from veting. bush administration for eight years. in case you've forgoten how different the coverage was for president bush, here is a trip down memory lane. let's take a look at president bush in 2005 what. a difference. >> world news tonight, sunday, president bush prepares for his second inauguration. >> in a time of war, is it time for a lavish celebration sfl. >> do you think the balls and some of the excess are appropriate? >> many wondered whether, given the war... and all of our security challenges right now is it appropriate to have a lavish inaugural celebration. >> sean: someone pinch me. is there a doubt how biased the main stream media is when it comes to barack obama? joining me now with the over of top examples is none other
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than the president of the media research center. we welcome back brother brent bozell to the program. >> how are you doing, brother hannity? >> sean: we can't start this without, the guy that gets a thrill up his leg. it's -- it's beyond compare that getsyburg address? watch this. >> reminds me of second inaugural, so much of lincoln in that speech. so i thought it was interesting with an attempt to draw balance. he's a man of the progressive side. he tried to draw a balance between a government ruled by a mob. then, talked about the government we won, which is infrom a structure, education, regulation, then recognize government can't solve all of the problems. i thought that is reaching out, to the tea party right rejectionists. >> we saw in pennsylvania
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there is so much of the willingness to rig the election. they know they're heading into trouble and it's almost like lebanon. you know? and when i see them doing it, we're never going to be popular again so, we're going to have to rig it so gettysburg address, obama. republicans are going to have to steal elections? that is how bad nbc has gotten that. is their coverage. >> a couple points about this quote, unquote news network. on the gettysburg address, chris matthews has it exactly wrong. just the opposite. gettiesberg address was an attempt at healing the nation's wounds at the end of the civil war. obama's speech, yesterday, was a left wing declaration of war against conservative movement. so it was the opposite. as for the rigging charge this is classic msnbc.
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going back to 2004 with keith onerman refusing to concede ohio going to bush. this is how bizarre msnbcs now, they're saying this is -- a great conspiracy to rig elections. i don't know what they're talking about. >> oos s-. >> sean: listen this, is an extension of the obama white house, they're worse than jay carney. so bad. listen to valerie jared praising them, thank you for the last four years. couldn't be any more obvious. >> well, valerie jared thank you for being on the show sh this morning. enjoy the day. >> thank you. thank you. thank you for everything. it's been a good four year was you all as well. >> thank you for all you've done, we appreciate it. >> valerie jared is reportedly
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barack obama's most-trusted adds visor. she's thanking msnbc for everything. they respond by swapping spit with this woman. this is a network so in the tank for barack obama they've been pushing him since 2004 senate campaign. she has every reason to thank them, they should have said you're welcome. >> sean: one side note did you notice george stephanopoulos misidentified the celtics star bill russell for morgan freeman? watch this. >> look at the crowd gathering now. that is morgan freeman. bill russell. i'm sorry. >> whoops, sorry. just a small accident. yes. >> that is funny but have you to ask yourself if a conservative had done that,
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what would have been reaction? conservatives can't tell one black man from another. >> sean: let's go to al roker screaming like a groupie when the president -- this is a great take. watch this. >> mr. president! mr. president! mr. president! mr. president! how is it going? is the weather good? is that fantastic? all right, mr. president! >> that is huge. >> there you have it. the first interview with the newly reinaugurated 44th president of the united states, al roker. let's double down. see what you can do with the vice president i'm gooding to give it a try. mr. vice president! mr. vice president how are you doing? come on! come on! oh! yes!
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>> wow! wow! >> sean: that is nbc. let's take a look at abc. there is not any difference this is like a teen-age girl at a justin beiber concert but watch this part. >> you're talking about a modern american family, talking about gay, straight, rich, and poor. everyone together. in a way the poet, the cuban immigrant who talked about the mother who rang up the cash register. the father who actually harvested sugar cane. hispanic, black, white. and he said, over and over again, our time. our time. the president perhaps thinking of himself americans were made for this moment. >> sean: i wonder if they're
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serving bloody maries. go ahead. >> that is just baffling. that is diane sawyer babbling incoherently. and as far as nbc is concerned we'll remember as the day nbc went all girly on us. i was thinking about the old beatles concert with girls screaming and pulling their hair. it's embarrassing. >> i just hope al didn't have an accident while he was there. anyway. thank you for being with us. i couldn't resist. >> sean: we've got a busy news night. liberals celebrating over the president's inaugural address, hanging on every word. perhaps what he didn't say that is more telling. we're going to look at obama's presidential priorities for a second term, checking in with congressman kevin mccarthy and egyptian president is now getting rewarded by the obama
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that appears on your screen. >> now, in an effort to unite the country, but in the end president barack obama's inaugural address was a campaign style stump speech and years from now not only remembered for his divisive combative tone, but exposed the blueprint for obama's radical second term agenda. let's take a look. >> we must make the hard choices to reduce the cost of health care. we will respond to the threat of climate change. our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. our journey is not complete
9:16 pm
until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to vote. our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving hopeful immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity. >> sean: all right. while obama remains health bent on tackling national security threats like climate change, the president made no substantive reference toss economic matters like putting you the american people back to work or address the single big s threat we face as a countrt of course, being the rise of islamic extremism. instead he wants you to believe that all is right with the world. >> a decade of war is now ending. an economic recovery has beg begun. >> sean: joining me now with analysis of the president's second term agenda and preview of tomorrow's voigte on the debt ceiling. is congressman mccarthy, i
9:17 pm
promoted you earlier. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: and going back to the issue, we played it it, that's all that he said about the economy, 8.3 fewer americans are working today than there were four years ago, what is your reaction to that? >> well, just shows you how out of touch eghe is. normally when the president is reelected, remember, no landslide. you work together, find common ground and work ford. this person's goal is to break the republican party. he's out of touch where america is at and it's more of a speech after progressive party agenda not something for all of america to get behind. >> sean: how ironic, too, the president lecturing the americans on tone and did you remember of talking about mitt
9:18 pm
romney and a steel worker's wife? >> and when you work on a president's speech in the inaugural, you usually have a take away line. what is the take away line. normally when the election is over, it's time to govern, he moved the campaign committee going when he can't run for further office. this is what this individual does. he can't govern, but that's what he continues to do is just politics. >> sean: all right, you're a leader of the republican party in the house, one area of government where i hope the conservatives rule. in not this agenda goes unchecked. i was not happy with the way the republicans handled the fiscal cliff. you did your business, passed your budget and senate hadn't passed a budget in three and a half years and then there were negotiations and a last minute deal. you have a plan to deal with the debt ceiling. i want you to explain it. i've been skeptical of it, but i'm coming around and see that they might actually be some wisdom behind it and i'm
9:19 pm
giving you credit as a strong credit of the cliff deal. explain it. >> what's going forward right now, we do not want to give any long-term new debt limit as you go forward. so what we're saying is here is the senate that has not produced a budget. you know it, sean, your listeners know it, but not many across america. the last time this democrat-controlled senate passed a budget, the ipad wasn't even introduced yet and they've already gone through what, three different versions? so we're doing a short-term moving the debt limit past the april 15th deadline, 'cause the most responsible thing any elected official could do is do a budget. how do you plan for the future. so we move it to there and if you don't pass the budget you don't get paid and now what? before that time, those cuts that we fought for in the last debt limit. they go into effect the first of the month. >> sean: sequestration. >> sequestration and people they don't to what that is and how to spell that, but remember, that was the cut, dollar cut for the debt limit increase last time and we're holding the president to it.
9:20 pm
and we're going through that, so you're going to see for the first time government being cut year over year by this congress. we have done it now three years in a row, that hasn't happened since world war ii, only two other times. >> sean: now, the president just got his big tax increase, he got everything he wanted and now he says he wants more. now, chuck schumer is saying, i'll play this in the next segment that he wants tax reform, but tax reform means another increase of revenue, in other words, another increase in taxes. is this negotiatable? will house republicans hold the line? and how do you stop this president? i mean, can you shut down the government? are you willing to shut down the government if the president won't deal with entitlement reform where all the spending is? >> look, you have to deal with entitlement reform if you want to save medicare, that's where the president has been so wrong. we've passed one of the toughest budgets anybody has looked at saving medicare and we grow the economy 13 million
9:21 pm
people are out of work, we put them back. this is a very conservative congress, and we've stand on ours, and this fight will put us on stronger ground and more importantly shall the american people are going to be with you from the statement if you can't pass the budget you shouldn't be paid and how could you move forward giving anybody a debt limit increase if they can't tell how to spend it. >> sean: and you'll hold the line on the issue of-- the president got his tax increase, no more tax increases, no more reforms that we say are tax reform, but end up being tax increases, that won't happen? >> look, tax increases automatically happened last time based on a vote of 12 years ago, article 1 section 7 any taxes start in the house, this house is not raising taxes because that hurts the small business. that hurts the economy. we're going to do tax reform to let people keep more of what they earn, grow an economy and be able to save for your children's future and buy a new house. >> sean: congressman we'll
9:22 pm
continue to follow it. we appreciate you coming on. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: coming up, it's the story that exposes just how dangerous obama's foreign policy really is. fox news tonight can confirm that four f-16 fighter jets are now en route to egypt as part of a foreign aid package, that means it going to egyptian president morsi, you know, the guy who is a 9/11 truther who called america's allies, israelis apes, the one who is a member of the muslim brotherhood. details next with senators barrasso and ron johnson. a woman who i go dietedgnited a wave of questions, the champion shooter. red lobster's 30 shrimp. wow, that's a lot of shrimp.
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>> now, there's disturbing news out of washington tonight. confirmed that four f-16 fighters jets have left american soil and are en route to egypt as part of a foreign aid package, this is the tip of the iceberg. by the end of the year, u.s. will provide fighters jets and 200 tanks part after deal made in 2010 when mubarak was still the president of egypt. shouldn't someone in the obama administration thought to maybe rescind this gift after egypt's current president mohammed morsi has come out and made such comments as this it. >>
9:27 pm
>> all right. should we really be arming this guy with fighters jets and american tanks? now, i wonder if any this have is going to come up tomorrow when secretary of state hillary clinton heads to capitol hill to talk about benghazi attacks that killed an american ambassador and three others in september. and two of the lawmakers who will be able to ask secretary clinton tough questions that need to be asked, senator barrasso and. this is 2010, senator barrasso, this is mohammed morsi guy saying things like america is enemies, the israelis are blood suckers,
9:28 pm
war mongers, descendents of apes and pigs, he said that about two years ago and now we're going to give him f-16 fighters jets and give him tanks on top of the 1.5 billion dollars we're giving the former head of the muslim brotherhood. help me out, senator, that sounds really dumb. >> i just returned from israel and from afghanistan, john mccain and kelly ayotte and other senators who just returned from visiting in egypt with morsi to discuss these very issues. the people of egypt and morsi in particular know that continuing a relationship with israel is key to u.s. foreign aid, that there needs to be a strong military commitment in israel specifically to protect the sinai because we know that weapons are being shipped up through the sinai to gaza to hamas. so, this is, as you say, a continuation of a previous agreement, it is going to continue and even the people
9:29 pm
of israel agree it's important to make sure that the egyptian military is strong, but egypt needs to continue its commitment to the camp david accord. >> sean: but senator johnson, the egyptian military now, some of the key leaders that we thought were more moderate, they're gone. morsi has gotten rid of them and now give them f-16 fighter jets and tanks, i've got to be honest, sometimes i wonder, this guy was a former terrorist in the muslim brotherhood. help me out, how does this-- how does this strategically work for israel and us? >> well, sean, it is somewhat concerning. what's really kind of interesting this same administration denies those same types of jet fighters to a good ally like taiwan. and we have to monitor the situation and senator barrasso, it's important to continue a relationship with egypt. and it's going to be vital that egypt and israel maintain a good working relationship so
9:30 pm
these are tough issues, but i'm concerned about that. >> sean: help me out, either one of you, just jump in and tell me where i'm wrong. this guy headed up the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization. he's trying to implement sharia law. we now are giving him 1.5 billion taxpayer dollars. he refers to our closest allies as apes and pigs, and america as the enemy. why do i think we're being played for suckers here? >> well, sean shall the most important thing, tomorrow hillary clinton, secretary of state will be testifying. the following day john kerry, who has been nominated as the new secretary of state will be coming in to testify and i think those questions that you raised are very important for secretary of state designee kerry, and we have to focus with secretary clinton, benghazi, what she knew, when she knew it, leading up to
9:31 pm
when security was withdrawn. what happened during the the attacks and after and how we're going to find justice, there is no justice. >> and four months to prepare, senator and i assume she's dotted every i and crossed every t and senator johnson, this was the secretary of state that was blaming a youtube video that we now know had zero impact on this and we do know the ambassador requested extra security that was denied. i don't know what possible answer could she give on this? >> it will be interesting, you're right, sean. she's had time to prepare, but an awful lot to answer for. i mean, why why all of those warnings ignored prior to the attack? what was she doing during the attack and what about afterwards? who is being held to account for the purposeful misleading of ambassador rice and just in terms of state department is right, we heard that four people supposedly resigned or were asked to leave and none of of those people left the department at all. so, you know, there are an awful lot of questions she's going to have to answer and
9:32 pm
we're grateful that she's coming up to the hill tomorrow to answer those questions. >> we'll have hopefully you guys back tomorrow and we will get a report on the hearings and of course we'll be covering them live on the fox news channel. senator, thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having us. >> sean: coming up next, she set the blogosphere on fire, but looking at the silly criteria for banning firearms. jessie dunn is next and our special companion site, hannity live, weigh in on secretary clinton's upcoming testimony and much more, go to testimony and much more, go to hannity with the spark cash card from capital one,
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so, it was a. >> let me put up on a screen you shot an air 15, a shotgun with a shrug, then a shotgun with a shrug, correct? >> yes. just a water fall round. >> we're showing them on the screen. explain, if you can the difference? >> the difference in the firearms first, one is to begin they're all semi automatic. so everybody knows. they're there is a rifle, air 15, and then, the 12 gauge shotgun. they have different projectiles but function the same. they look different, different uses but the point i was trying to get across to everybody is that these are all semi automatic firearms
9:38 pm
when you pull the trigger once, it fires once. they don't spray bullets everywhere. these are semi automatic. you have to pull the trigger every time they are fired which is what i showed. >> it was dramatic in terms of showing a small hold from the air 15 versus the shotgun. >> yes. >>. >> sean: explain why that would be banned but not the one that puts a big, gaping hole. >> only thing i can think is there a miscommunication what the air 15 really s you hear the term assault weapon or assault rifle. it's used in the media but they're using it in my opinion in the wrong context. an assault rifle is fully auto. when you pull the trigger it will fire rounds until feeding device is empty.
9:39 pm
they're categorizing air 15 in that with this weapons ban. by taking an air 15 and having cosmetic features on it, it is now banned. if you strip it from the features it's not banned but it's still the same rifle. imagine having when you go car shopping you can look at a standard vehicle or bells and whistle was leather and power seats. it's still the same vex r.vehicle, still functions the same. i think that is where the confusion sets in. >> sean: we have top gun on the screen now. the difference is one has a pistol grip but it's the same gun to do the same amount of damage, one legal, one not. >> yes. >> sean: prior to the law they had a limit on 10 bullets and a magazine. obama wants a 10 magazine clip
9:40 pm
max. the seven bullet is magic for antigun people because that renders what percentage of emyi automatic pistol autos just about everything i use in competition. i don't understand the ruling behind that. and i'm not a politician. i'm not a spokesperson for nra. just a law abiding citizen who supports a second amendment right. i feel especially for law enforcement, i want them to have all of the equipment and tools necessary to keep our people safe. by limiting them to seven rounds in my opinion that is not letting them do their job to their full capability. i don't see the reasoning behind that, but that is not my call. >> next time you're on the program i'll be on the range with you and we'll have a context. >> that sounds wonderful.
9:41 pm
boy love that. >> i get a 50 shot advantage. is that okay? >> i'll give it to you, only you. >> sean: thank you for the demonstration. >> thank you. >> and coming up. >> anniversary like this it's something you fight for. that is what i'm going to do baby, fight. >> sean: that clip is part of an effort to celebrate the anniversary of roev wade and a programming note tune in friday night for a special edition of "hannity" investigating boom town, washington, d.c.. the business of politics is making a lot of people rich and they're using your money, 9:00 eastern on friday.
9:42 pm
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email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox. and it gives you the tools to create custom emails that drive business. it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at >> welcome back to "hannity." as today marks the 40th anniversary of the monumental supreme court decision on roe
9:46 pm
vs wade, the center for reproductive rights. and a down right offensive video to quote, celebrate? watch this. >> oh, hey, baby. did you think i forgot? i didn't forget, how could i ever forget our anniversary. all these years, so many people said we'd never make it it. and trying to tear us apart, take you away, but let me tell you, me he or not, but every time we've proven ourselves stronger, anniversary like this is not something you forget, no, no, no, no, baby, it's something you fight for and that's exactly what i'm going to do, baby. fight. so with that, happy anniversary, baby, looking good for 40. joining me now with reaction,
9:47 pm
fox news contributor town hall editor and penny lee, a national holiday? you didn't find that cold and callus, penny? >> i truly am speechless over it. it is absolutely outrageous, i mean, who was sitting in the board room. what woman was sitening the board room when this came up for debate and whether or not they should play it or not or the way they should go to commemorate the 40th anniversary for roe vs wade, who was there to make that decision was outrageous that they wouldn't forward with this. happy birthday baby with barry white playing in the background? give me a break, it's awfully horrible. >> sean: pretty cold, pretty callus. >> katie one of the things that surprised me is we had at that war on women during this last election cycle, was barack obama, three times voted against the born alive infant protection act that children that survived botched abortions would be guaranteed medical help. that to me, the fact that that didn't become a bigger issue surprised me.
9:48 pm
>> well, it's not a bigger issue because of things like this ad, sean. the left has done a phenomenal job of trifllizing and turning abortion, which is a serious medical procedure which has psychological damage to women to go through with the procedure for years to come so we didn't hear about president obama's record abortion going into the first election and in the second. and don't you like hearing, men have no place in the abortion debate. men are not allowed to talk about pro-life views and no place in the argument and here we have a man talking about, and celebrating the fact that 55 million babies have been aborted since roe vs wade and i think it's vile and it's a disgrace, quite frankly. >> sean: what is your reaction to the obama voting against the born alive infant protection act, penny? >> i differ with him on this policy. i harken back to during the clinton administration where you heard, where the philosophy, where legal and
9:49 pm
rare, and i support policies in which we're trying to do to reduce the number of unintended pregnancy, whether or not that be expanding on adoption policies, whether or not that provide for better education, especially for the young folks and whether or not it provides access it more contraceptive care and i disagree with the president on this matter. >> sean: and don't women have access to contraception? isn't that a false argument? $9 a month, the bill, condoms are inexpensive. it seems to-- and people want the government to pay for it. why should i pay for that? why should any hard working taxpayer watching have to pay for that? >> well, i don't think that we should have to pay for women's abortions or their birth control. this year, our last year we saw planned parenthood receive a record number of taxpayer dollars and performed a record number of abortions, but i think that penny and i can agree the idea that, you know, this, the video is vile, and i think that our agreement on
9:50 pm
this topic in a lot of areas show that the country has shifted more towards a pro-life viewpoint and we're not interested in promoting abortion in a way that makes it mainstream, and a thing that's okay. abortion shouldn't be celebrated. this is a celebration today. it's very sad day for america, today. >> sean: and penny, to your credit. i mean, even though we disagree on pro-life, and you say rare, you don't hear that from people. it's almost like there are people on your side that celebrate it, should be a national holiday. hey, baby. nothing funny about that. >> and it's not funny. i will say that, you know, it's interesting that the pew report and the nbc say they actually agreed 70% of americans agree that roe vs wade the woman should be allowed to make the individual choices for health care in consultation with their doctors and family, but-- >> thanks, guys. the idea of paying your fair share is not exactly catching
9:51 pm
on. and we're going to run through the list of very high profile people who say they're not people who say they're not willing to pay more so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready.
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>> nicolas sarkozy, gerard
9:55 pm
depardieu, outraged over oppressive tax rates and while the president of france reportedly moving to london and gerard depardieu granted russian citizenship to avoid france's massive 75% tax hike on the rich and meanwhile, here at home, professional golfer phil mickleson is considering making changes to bypass a possible 63% tax rate in his home state of california. with even more taxes on the horizon is this trend set to continue throughout obama's second term? what does it mean for the country. here with reaction, the co-host of "the five" dana perino and from fox business, stuart varney. >> say something. >> sean: go ahead. >> do you realize the left beat up on phil mickleson and forced him to apologize. >> sean: he backed down-- >> no, he apologized before the attacks.
9:56 pm
>> and he apologized to the people he upset and-- >> one blogger from syracuse. >> wait a second, this is outrageous, a man who is successful, makes money the government takes two-thirds of his income and he complains, he's forced to apologize? what's going on here? >> you sound like you have some personal experience with this. >> not personal, come on. you know where i'm coming from. what kind of new america is this? >> i agree. >> when successful people forced out of their native state and they have to apologize because they complain about the government taking two-thirds of their income. >> sean: let's break it down. all right, so got a 40% income tax rate and california voted in 13.5%, that's 53.5. 4% obamacare tax, 57.5, and then you've got payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, hidden taxes. >> gas taxes. >> sean: and that's part of the hidden. so, he's 63 cents of every dollar goes to government. leave phil, leave california, i don't blame him. >> but the left, the guy from
9:57 pm
syracuse that started the attacks on mickleson and on, he was complaining that mickleson was exercising what is basically a human reaction. when we go shopping for something you want to look for the best deal. that's true on any product that you buy. it's also true in the taxes that you're going to pay and because migration patterns are what they are, people decided to go to states with fewer taxes. >> wait a minute. the man you're talking about is professor len berman of syracuse university. he wasn't just complaining about phil mickleson wanting to leave, he mocked him. he said you're just lucky. >> professors are good at that. >> air just lucky. of course not, of course not. >> he can hit a ball with a stick, it's amazing. >> i'm kidding, no, i'm not-- >> and tearing this guy down. >> no, i don't agree with the pre-apology-apology. >> and this is the same for
9:58 pm
new york, new jersey, all the liberal states and people are leaving in droves. we had a major tax increase, obama wins over the fiscal cliff deal. that's not enough. listen to chuck schumer we've got to have more revenue, more, more, more, going to take the gold out of your treat when they're done. watch this. >> we need a budget, but second, it's going to be a great opportunity for us 'cause in our budget that we will pass, we'll have tax reform which many of my republican colleagues like, but it's going to include revenues, it's a great opportunity to get us some more revenues. >> the next tax increase is going to be called tax reform. >> that's right. an opportunity to soak the rich. >> sean: a trillion dollars in new revenue through tax reform. >> it could be a carbon tax, it could be cutting deductions for wealthy people. it could be more social security tax, it could be means testing medicare, it could be anything, but we're going to get more money out of you, more taxes, more spending, forget about the debt. >> and the place where they fall short is in persuading us or the american people that
9:59 pm
they're going to take the revenues and be able to use them to help people in terms of their economic mobility. that's something that they haven't been able to demonstrate. they basically are just drunk with money in washington d.c. and they want more and more. >> and then they're robbing from our kids, borrowing 46 cents for every dollar. >> i can't understand why sarkozy went from france to london, why not someplace warm. >> sean: i wouldn't go a place where they have an extradition treaty. apparently some legal issues. and when you die, a 40% death tax, 40% goes to the government. >> over 10 million for a spouse and-- >> i don't think, is it 10 or-- >> it's 5 million dollars per person when it's a spouse. >> sean: it's not the government's money, stuart. >> it's a death tax. all they're doing is accumulating more and more money and pass it out to buy votes and buying a permanent

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